Stable and reliable software solutions

Delivered by a team of talented designers, specializing not only in software.


You can rely on our products. We have experience with small and multinational software solutions.


We can design the user interface of your application or create completely new branding for your company. Just choose.


Do you need more than software, e.g. hotline support for your product? We will supply you with everything from A to Z.


We guarantee the safety of our products. We will adapt the software to all legislative standards, including GDPR, CCPA, and FCC.

About us

We realize all your ideas.

We are a company with 10+ years of experience in software development and 25+ years of experience in providing telecommunications services. We have completed more than 300 projects of varying complexity, from simple corporate websites to complex solutions. Our team of experienced experts will help you choose the appropriate technologies, analyze data, streamline business processes and help you with all related activities. We have experience with cloud solutions, machine learning models, grocery e-shops, UI design, UX, and many other areas. We have also experience with the development of native mobile and desktop applications, server management, or building a network infrastructure.

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Data analysis
  • Web, mobile and desktop applications
  • UI design, UX, marketing campaigns, search engin optimization
  • Individual approach to the client
  • Technologically unlimited team
  • Network and server administration




years of experience




Your success is also our success.

We cooperate with EuroCity for a very long time. I consider these guys as great professionals with sincere enthusiasm for their work. The personal approach is a huge plus and, in addition to pleasant cooperation, guarantees an accurate estimate of needs and tailor-made solutions. I think it is the desire to innovate that keeps them moving forward, which I perceive especially in professional interviews through their ideas for improving the functioning of systems or proposing new solutions. Their many years of experience, expertise, and passion have helped us to start many key changes.

Bohuslav Janovčík

sales manager

COOP Jednota Liptovský Mikuláš s.d.

This team is very reliable, professional, knowledgeable, and flexible. Truly experts in their field. They exceeded our expectations and delivered results on time even with various unexpected design changes and challenges along the way.




I am very satisfied with their services and if I need more, I will definitely contact them.

Gerdi Vanfleteren


Sojka Resort
SOJKA s.r.o.

EuroCity developed a relatively complex project management system for us. They knew how to respond promptly to every request, and everything was always on time. In addition, they manage all of our websites and also do online marketing for us.

Andrej Višňovský



We cooperate with EuroCity for more than 8 years, we have completed 150+ different projects, from small portfolios to large reservation systems. Professional approach! Among other things, since when our servers have been in administration, everything goes smoothly.

Bohuslav Berezňanin


Liptov SK s.r.o.

We have long-term cooperation with Eurocity, during this time we highly value the willingness and expertise with which our ideas are solved. Their advice, approach, and decency are irreplaceable for us.

Jozef Stanislav


U Rudolfa, Liptovský Ján
MBC-5 s.r.o.

More than 10 years of cooperation. It has always been about expertise, professionalism, and seriousness. In the professional field, it was mainly innovation and new perspectives + implementation. Thank you for the cooperation so far, I recommend it to all customers.

Miroslav Ščasný

company administrator

Apartmány Nízke Tatry s.r.o.

We cooperate with EuroCity for more than 10 years, during which time we are always willing and promptly assisted in solving technical problems of school network operation. They always advised and guided us appropriately in the design and provision of material and technical equipment of the school. Last time they completely designed and installed a roaming Wi-Fi network for us at our school. Together with them, we managed distance education without any major problems.

Mária Rypáková


Základná škola v Kvačanoch



We develop web applications in the technology suitable for your product - we are not technologically limited and we always adapt to the latest technologies. We will adapt the software to your needs and provide you with our rich experience.

Mobile & Desktop

All applications supplied by us are mobile-first, so displaying on a mobile or tablet is our priority. However, if you need a standalone mobile or desktop application, we have experience with native, hybrid, and progressive application development.


Each of us can have a different taste, so we can tailor the design of your application. We have skillful designers who will dynamically adapt to your ideas.


We have also experience with the creation of corporate networks. We use modern information and communication tools to meet the ever-increasing demands for speed and quality of data transfer.

Digital marketing

We will address your customer with good SEO optimization and targeted online marketing. We are experienced with advertising campaigns on Youtube, Facebook, or Google


The world is full of different and easily accessible data, so it is difficult to choose the right ones for your business. Our data analysts will help you choose the right data and create beneficial insights through modern methods.


See what we can do.


Platform for online interviews of executive positions of a multinational company. Delivering frontend, backend or data analysis.

This accommodation portal was developed by our company with support for more than 9 years, where we also created a client zone and a connection with several invoicing systems.

We have built a multistore eshop as the second in Slovakia for retail grocery sales, while we also provide many other services related to the product, e.g. helpdesk, marketing, branding, etc.

Sojka Resort

We also have experiences with large hotels and accommodation facilities and reservation systems.

Internal project portal

The management of every business needs a reliable system. We implemented such a system for a Czech customer with a sophisticated notification system and a connection to the invoicing and payroll system.

Company websites

We can also implement simple, effective and purposeful websites, such as portfolios or corporate websites.

Our Team

First people you will meet in the implementation of your project. During the implementation you will also meet other members of our team.

Peter Fuzia

Chief Executive Officer

Matej Madeja

Chief Technical Officer


Do not hesitate to contact us with any question.


1. mája 54, 031 01 Liptovský Mikuláš, Slovakia


+421 903 535 247